The story of PAYDAY

Once upon a time, an entrepreneur witnessed a major problem: as companies scaled rapidly, they struggled to keep employees engaged, productive, and happy. An effective, transparent management tool was desperately needed.

Creating a workplace environment of transparency, ownership, and accountability, to vision of making the world more productive

Our Platform

The platform provides continuous protection of customer data with features and capabilities like access controls, data encryption at rest and in-transit as well as security development, security testing

PAYDAY promise provides the ultimate peace of mind for your business - protection against payroll interruptions. We provide you the flexibility to extend the collection of payroll funds from your bank account by up to seven days. So you can protect against unexpected business challenges and deliver on your employees’ favorite day.

See how our flexible solution can work for you

Whether you’re a small-business owner or an HR manager, we have the right combination of human capital management technology and service to help you achieve your goals. PAYDAY is a powerful, cloud-based solution, serving as a platform to help you manage employee records, streamline talent management, and access data to help make important business decisions. PAYDAY backed by our dedicated service center, which is available to provide support 24/7.

How We Work

Secure Customer Data

Secure Customer Data

Secure customer data across all domains with one-click, fully managed HTTPS.

Improved Application Performance

Improved Application Performance

Can decrease loading times by 2x with Cloudflare’s web optimizations and content delivery network (CDN).

High Availability at Global Scale

High Availability at Global Scale

Cloudflare’s network of 193 data centers across 90 countries ensures enterprise-grade availability.

Ready to optimize the performance and Organize your business.

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